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Little Monsters

Stories to chill your blood and disturb your sleep!

"He had realised with an abrupt sense of shock that her eyes had no pupils in them; they were just two round white spheres that seemed to be growing bigger and bigger as he watched..”

Welcome to Little Monsters, a collection of short stories united only by their celebration of the macabre. Meet Ginnie, a little girl whose Halloween escapades get somewhat out of hand. Meet David, a would-be film star who really is prepared to give everything he has in order to secure that big break; and meet Margaret, a lonely old widow who unwittingly welcomes a terrible evil into her life… Here are stories to chill your blood and disturb your sleep. Be warned… if you are of a nervous disposition… if you are of a fanciful nature… if you’re the kind who sometimes imagines you can hear footsteps downstairs in the dead of night… these adult stories are not for you. Skilfully crafted illustrations by Sean Steele, reminiscent of graphic novel art..

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